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our injured troops?

British Servicemen and women get hurt every day whilst training or in combat, doing their day job, protecting us, the civilians of the United Kingdom.

What most people don't realise is that when our troops in the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force sustain serious injury they have to go to a hospital in the clothes they are in. This unexpected visit for medical treatment is usually very stressful and sometimes life-changing and can have deep psychological effects.

Why Help Troop Aid?

We aim to reduce or alleviate at least some of this by providing basic essentials and toiletries, that military and civilian hospitals do not provide, so helping the patient's dignity and esteem, during this traumatic period.

As a registered charity, we accept donations to fund the supply of our Grab Bags, which have been proven to help during the patient's medical recovery.

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How We Help


See what’s inside our Grab Bags here.

How We Are Funded

Charitable donations come entirely from fund raising events and donations.

  • General Public
  • Rotary International
  • Lions International
  • Masonic Lodges
  • Round Table
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • ex Service Associations
  • Local Businesses
  • British Expatriate Communities Overseas
  • Military Units and their Personnel

Some Statistics

What We Aim For

The objective of Troop Aid is to supply the ‘basic essentials’ to service casualties of the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force injured either whilst in training or at war, serving their country.

Beneficiary Testimonials

I would just like to thank Troop Aid UK for their kind donation bags. My husband was injured whilst out in Kenya and only had the wet clothing that he was in, and Troop UK donated a bag full of essentials. Such an amazing charity. As a family we will be making a donation. Knowing that he had clean clothing a wash kit pj's etc was of peace of mind to myself being this far away.
I was a company signaller for a while at Barrows Lane.
Anyway, my lad grew up and joined 1st Battalion Fusiliers and was quite seriously hurt on exercise in Canada a couple of years ago.
Troop Aid provided clothing and essentials for him whilst he was in hospital and we will always be grateful for what you guys did for him.
He went on to make a full recovery and is still serving in the Fusiliers.
Many thanks to Troop Aid for the Emergency packs that you provided for us. They were utilised in the Military Personnel COVID Bedding down facility. The contents were excellent and provided all the essential items that a patient may need should they not have their own. We were issued a variety of sizes and items to cater for both male and female patients. They were greatly appreciated. Thanks and Regards
When I was involved in a RTC at work I was taken to hospital with a broken back. I had no personal belongings or clothing as they were cut of by the paramedics. I was given a Troop Aid bag by my welfare team until I could get some belongings. The bag contained everything I need in the first few days in the hospital. I had never heard of Troop Aid until I was in a time of need. Keep up the good work and everything you do as I'm sure there will be more grateful soldiers out there in a time of need.
I was not aware of Troop Aid and they actually did until it was at a time of need. I had 2 members of staff admitted to hospital at quite short notice. A particular staff member was caught short with the basic essentials of being admitted to hospital and initially being quite isolated away from his direct family.

During a hospital visit to the staff member, I came across Troop Aid by chance and registered for support straight away.

Troop Aid delivered a package within 48hrs and provided the most amazing essentials for us to deliver to the bedside and put a smile back on the staff members face (as well as a reminder to shave at least once per day with shaving oil and a razor supplied!!), it really helped the visit as well as reassured the member of staff of what support is out there from such a worthwhile charity.

When we asked Troop Aid for support to a second member of staff with a life changing illness, we again received significant support with a further enhanced package and many items for us to advertise Troop Aid in an effort to increase their support network. As a Welfare Officer, I am amazed at the provision of such items, being delivered at a time of need and Troop Aid being on hand to provide timely support. This has had such a positive impact on personnel admitted to hospital and was such an efficient process involved.

We can not recommend Troop Aid enough, they were very sensitive to the needs of each and every case and went out of their way to ensure packages were delivered on time. We are reassured by their support and will continue to support Troop Aid in any way we can to ensure the support to others is there when it is needed. Thank you for such a superb amount of support.
When I was airlifted to hospital in Kenya I had no personnel belongings with me, not even the clothes I arrived with as they got cut off me. I was given a Troop Aid grab bag which contained everything I needed for my stay in hospital. I am forever grateful to the Troop Aid team. Keep up the good work.
I broke my back last year in Cyprus cliff jumping, I went to the hospital with just the swimming shorts I had on as kit, your packs of kit and t-shirts were literally a godsend for me while I was there.

A year on I am racing in karts again where my heart lies, for what you have done for me, I'd like to place the troop aid logo on the karts if that's ok with you, and I'd like to do some fundraising on your behalf if you will allow it :)
Injured in Afghanistan May 31st, 2013 after a couple of ops I went home.

11months later was having an operation and was only supposed to stay in for the day. Had a bad situation after and stayed in longer than I thought, and would like to thank Troop Aid at Queen Elizabeth hospital for sorting me out with a week's worth of clothes and toiletries. Amazing charity and definitely should be more recognised. Even when I was casevaced in May, troop aid was there with everything I need the 1st time And same again this time can't thank you enough !!
I just want to thank the people behind Troop Aid for the great support and the help they give the armed forces. I was injured in Afghanistan and received my pack on returning to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. It had everything I could have needed as all of my belongings didn't get to me until the next day so it helps greatly, and so I just want to thank you for the small and the large things that you do to help everyone who needs the help. Thank you very much.
Thank you Troop Aid for all that you do for our lads and lassie's, you are amazing. You have helped me to change my life by your true devotion and selfless acts of kindness and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Patients are always very thankful when receiving the Troop Aid bags. They appreciate that the bags allow them to relax a bit, especially as many have brought no kits with them on admission.

It's the little things that make a big difference when you are flown from an operational area into the UK and often the last thing on your mind is a wash kit and change of clothing.

Not knowing how long they will be admitted in hospital, the Troop Aid bag provides that hygenic freshen up that can instantly make them feel better.

Having access to refreshments and snacks in the day room on Ward 412 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is also an instant reminder of the feeling of being back home. Troop Aid are a small package but they absolutely make an immense difference.

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