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Amazing support – right on time

I was not aware of Troop Aid and they actually did until it was at a time of need. I had 2 members of staff admitted to hospital at quite short notice. A particular staff member was caught short with the basic essentials of being admitted to hospital and initially being quite isolated away from his direct family. During a hospital visit to the staff member, I came across Troop Aid by chance and registered for support straight away.

Troop Aid delivered a package within 48hrs and provided the most amazing essentials for us to deliver to the bedside and put a smile back on the staff members face (as well as a reminder to shave at least once per day with shaving oil and a razor supplied!!), it really helped the visit as well as reassured the member of staff of what support is out there from such a worthwhile charity. When we asked Troop Aid for support to a second member of staff with a life changing illness, we again received significant support with a further enhanced package and many items for us to advertise Troop Aid in an effort to increase their support network.
As a Welfare Officer, I am amazed at the provision of such items, being delivered at a time of need and Troop Aid being on hand to provide timely support. This has had such a positive impact on personnel admitted to hospital and was such an efficient process involved.

We can not recommend Troop Aid enough, they were very sensitive to the needs of each and every case and went out of their way to ensure packages were delivered on time. We are reassured by their support and will continue to support Troop Aid in any way we can to ensure the support to others is there when it is needed. Thank you for such a superb amount of support.

Unit Welfare Officer
9 December 2019