The Comprehensive Grab Bag

What’s in the TROOP AID Grab Bag?

Many people do not realise that when service personnel are injured either on a training exercise or in combat operations, they are admitted to the hospital without any of their personal effects or clothing.

The TROOP AID Grab Bag contains socks, deodorant, underwear, get well card, shower mules, a t-shirt, shorts, a towel, face flannel, a washing & shaving kit, toothpaste and a toothbrush. These are all the essential items that we have found are needed and appreciated when injured men and women find themselves in a state of emergency and emotional crisis.

What do they cost?

It currently costs £40.00 to make up one of our Grab Bags, which enables wounded servicemen and women to disembark the aircraft or arrive at the hospital with dignity at a time of personal crisis. This money comes from charitable donations that we receive during the year and at our events, from members of the public and businesses.


Sent to many locations worldwide

Our Grab Bags are handed to injured service personnel serving in many locations worldwide. In addition to this emergency pack, we also supply on-demand to the injured service personnel many other items of clothing and footwear such as tracksuits, hoodies, fleeces and trainers.

Packing process

The warehouse is all set out for maximum effectiveness to help our volunteers when they are packing the Grab Bags to be sent around the world.


Even the Mayor of Solihull has helped pack our Grab Bags!


Our Grab Bags will be on board HMS Queen Elizabeth